Sunday, July 09, 2006

Culture: Are you ready for some football????

That is how the CBS radio news started by using the famed music of Monday Night Football to kick off its hourly update. At the time, they reported that Italy and France was tied at 1.

I'm watching now on TV and will live blog.

It is second overtime and it is still tied 1-1.

Both sides look dog tired. Italy seems more tired though.

UDATE: It is 19 minutes into OT. One of the Italian players got clocked by Zidane but since the ref didn't see it, there is no call. They are showing it over in replay. Wait a minute, the side judge just pulled the RED card! Oh my!!

UPDATE: Will Italy play for the penalty kick or will they try to press their one man advantage?

UPDATE: 24 minutes into OT, France seems to still dictating play even a man down.

UPDATE: The speed of ice hockey is partly because it is on ice skates but also because of unlimited line changes. Part of soccer is the stamina aspect but this is pretty gruesome to watch. I hear they only allow THREE substitutions for the whole game. Perhaps, they should allow a few more substitutions.

UPDATE: We are now in stoppage time of the overtime session. Neither side can seem to organize a series of passes to get a good shot. Most of the players are just standing around from exhaustion.

UPDATE: It is penalty shoot out time. The only other time a World Cup has been settled this way was in 1994.

UPDATE: Best of 5 kicks to determine the winner. If still tied, then it is sudden death penalty shots.

UPDATE: The goaltenders hug before the French net minder goes to the nets while the Italian goalie goes to the side to await his turn in the net mouth. Italy scores.

UPDATE: France evens it 1-1.

UPDATE: Italy 2 France 1. France up to kick.

UPDATE: He hits the upper post, NO GOOD. Italy can take a 3-1 lead with a kick here. He hits it.

UPDATE: France hits it to make it 3-2 in favor of Italy.

UPDATE: Italy hits it to make it 4-2. Now, a must hit by France or its over.

UPDATE: Nails it. 4-3 Italy. But if Italy hits this shot, they win the World Cup!

UPDATE: He buries it. Italy wins the 2006 World Cup!


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