Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Culture: Heat wave

Sometimes I stare into space
Tears all over my face
I can't explain it
Don't understand it
I hadn't ever felt like this before
Now that funny feeling has me amazed
I Don't know what to do
My head's in a haze
Ronstadt was singing about something other than 100+ degree weather.

However, that song popped into my mind as we swelter here in Los Angeles. The California power grid will be pushed to the brink again today with demand expected to exceed 50,000 megawatts again likely triggering Stage 2 emergency procedures in the afternoon.

Los Angeles is off the California grid because the city has its own utility company and currently is able to import enough power to handle the crisis. However, the distribution system in LA is antiquated and is blowing out in this heat wave.

In fact last night, at my apartment building was out for 6 hours. DWP crews were hop-scotching around our neighborhood fixing blown equipment. My four story building was an oven so most of us went out to the sidewalk. I had not met very many of my fellow apartment dwellers until last night.

In any case, power popped back on briefly around 9:30 and then blew out again. Eventually, power was restored shortly after 11 pm.

Stay cool if you can where ever you are!


Blogger Kari said...

We took a short getaway to Colorado last week, taking a circuitous route through Wichita and Dodge City. It was 109 degrees in Wichita and 108 in Dodge. I'd say "Thank goodness it was dry heat," but 109 degrees is scorching no matter the humidity level. It was probably 55 degrees on top of Pikes Peak the next day!

At the same time, to our east, more than 500,000 homes in the St. Louis area had their power knocked out by thunderstorms, then had to wait for repairs in the heat.

9:12 AM  

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