Thursday, June 08, 2006

Sports: The World Cup of Soccer Bracketology

This blog is not the most friendly to the game of soccer. 8-0

However, as a culture blog, the World Cup does warrent at least a modest (very!) attempt at you heard it hear first soothsaying!

So here you go in case you actually have a pool going and have brackets to fill out today!

For entertainment purposes only, past performance is not an indicator of future results ...

Round of 16
A1 - Germany - got to believe the home team will do well!
B2 - Paraguay - somewhere in South America right? South Americans are good at soccer.
UPDATE: I guess this particular S. Am team wasn't very good... they are 0-2 and have been mathematically eliminated!

C1 - Argentina - they are a traditional powerhouse
D2 - Angola - I visited Botswana which is a neighbor!

E1 - Czech - an ESPN analyst really likes them
F2 - Australia - got to root for the team from the land of kangaroos and koalas

G1 - Korea - my upset special!
H2 - Ukraine - nice looking color scheme on the flag

B1 - England - fanatic fans = good team
A2 - Costa Rica - want to visit there someday
UPDATE: Still want to visit there someday but the team went 0-3! 8-(

D1 - Mexico - that many fans must know something
C2 - Serbia/Montenegro - two countries coming together as one, how sweet!
UPDATE: 0-2 and eliminated already!

F1 - Brazil - I suppose the only stone cold lead pipe lock of the tournament?
E2 - USA - A Homer pick, doh!
UPDATE: Barely kicking. Next match: Ghana. Ghana really took it to the Czechs and look tough to beat.

H1 - Spain - bullfighting? soccer? same skill set, no?
G2 - Switzerland - I heard one of the French players got hurt so Swiss sneak in

Germany vs. Argentina
Czech vs. Korea
England vs. Mexico
Brazil vs. Spain

Germany vs. Czech
Mexico vs. Brazil

Czech vs. Brazil

2006 World Cup Champs: Czech pull off the greatest upset in Cup history with an overtime win!!


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