Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Sports: Web site devoted to mid-major basketball

Kyle Whelliston has a web page devoted to mid-major basketball called

From mousing around his site, it looks like he started as a blogger and now has been called up to the MSM = main stream media as an contributor.

I ran a search on Big West to see if he had written anything about the Anteaters.

Unfortunately, at that moment, the server site of "Mid-Majority, truth, justice and college basketball" came to a grinding halt. It managed to load an archive list of older posts but that was that as the site froze up.

There was an entry on Darren Fells, the 6-7, 250 pound power forward/center for UCI. I saw him in the Cal Poly game. He did get some points down low where his size and mobility made him hard to stop. He snagged the most rebounds for the Eaters. Alas, he also fumbled a few passes and being big means the refs are more likely to call a foul on contact. I am curious what he has to say about Fells, so I'll have to visit the site again.

There was also a game summary on Pacific's victory over UCI which I'll want to check. Pacific showed they were the top team in the Big West by easily defeating the Anteaters that night. I kept up with that game via Yahoo! Sports and streaming audio. The Anteaters had lots of turnovers and the senior guard tandem of Fitzgerald and Schraeder had an off night.

The Big West is headed toward being a one-bid conference this year as it is in most years. Pacific hasn't had as dominating a season as last year when they got an at-large bid (and advanced to round 2) making the Big West a two-bid conference, a very rare occurrence.

In any case, Rip 'Em 'Eaters, Zot, Zot, Zot!


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