Sunday, February 19, 2006

Sports: Joey Cheek Donates Bonuses to Charity

Here's a heartwarming story. Excerpt:
TURIN, Italy -- Joey Cheek's gold and silver medals give him the largest hardware haul of any U.S. speedskater and make him America's first multiple medalist of these Winter Games.

But his breakout has been lost amid the soap opera involving teammates Shani Davis and Chad Hedrick.
What Cheek is really excited about is donating another $15,000 to Right To Play, a charity that helps children in Sudan. Cheek signed over the $25,000 U.S. Olympic Committee bonus he got for Monday's gold medal in the 500 to the group; he'll do the same with the silver medal check he earned Saturday.

"I think we've had eight or nine companies or individuals match my original $25,000, and it looks like we're over a quarter of a million dollars donated -- and more keeps coming in," he said. "I'm much more proud of that than winning a gold medal."
Check out the Right To Play web page for their humanitarian work around the world.


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