Sunday, January 29, 2006

Sports: Giving some love for the Anteaters

Mid-major basketball programs fly under the radar. Mid-major programs on the West-coast even more so.

So this blog is going to be the place to give some love for the Anteaters. Maybe some bored intern at might stumble upon it and start the ball rolling for some East coast sports media attention to the team with the weird mascot. A few years back when Jerry Green was on the team and UCI was a 20-game winner each season, the program got on ESPN.

The team has yet to appear in the NCAAs and there are no certainty they will this year. It comes down to a good regular season to position themselves for a run in the post-season conference tournament to get the coveted Big West automatic (and only) NCAA bid for this year's March Madness.

The Anteater profile is classic team concept and senior leadership: two senior guards leading the team in scoring in Schraeder (the team's top 3-point shooter) and Fitzgerald (team leader in assists), four out of five starters averaging in double digits, a monster on the boards in sophmore Fells (6-7 and 250 with nearly 7 rebounds a game) and another 3-point shooter in small forward Campbell.

Next game is against second place Pacific on the road.

'Rip 'Em Eaters. Zot! Zot!! Zot!!!


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