Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Sports: BCS forecast

My picks:

Ohio State is favored by 5 over Notre Dame - ND

UPDATE: OSU 34 ND 20 thus I was wrong.

Georgia is favored by 6 over West Virginia - Georgia

UPDATE: WVa 38 Georgia 35 thus I was wrong.

Penn State is favored by 10 over Florida State - PSU

UPDATE: WRONG again! The BCS people must be very pleased that two of the games have been so dramatic and close. THREE overtimes! So, so far, I have a perfect record forecasting BCS games, I'm 0-3.

USC is favored by 7 over Texas - Texas

UPDATE: Hmmm, if Texas beat Ohio State and Ohio State beat Notre Dame and Notre Dame almost beat USC ... is there now going to be a stampede to support Texas? So far the media has been playing up the angle that it is USC's to win and it is a question of by how much?

UPDATE: Last year, Oklahoma suffered what was an early round knock out. Once they got behind, it snowballed and it became a laugher. Texas can't afford a meltdown at any point in the game.

USC's offense is strong. As the cliche goes, you can't stop 'em you can only hope to contain 'em. That is what Notre Dame did. USC scored its fewest points in the victory over the Golden Domers and most agree the final touchdown was somewhat irregular.

Fresno State tried to outscore them and that was a case of a team that played way over its head. The Bulldogs went on to lose their next three games. Texas on paper should prove dangerous to USC because they have a QB that can run and pass. If he can scramble some and buy that bit of extra time, he can do what the Bulldogs did and exploit USC's secondary.

On the other side of the ball, will Texas defensive line have the speed and strength to stand up to USC which has essentially and NFL offensive line? If USC line blows them off the ball then White and Bush will run wild and it will be a pretty boring night watching that USC horse with a Trojan on him marching around and egging on the crowd.

Divided loyalties. As a Pac10 apologist, it would be good to see the Pac10 go 4-1 in bowl games which would make it the best performing conference this bowl season. On the other hand, USC fans are insufferable in this town and they are becoming like the Yankees, the team you can't stand!

UPDATE: Texas beat the spread and won the game; therefore, I was RIGHT! As a UCLA alum and fan, I have to tip my hat to both programs for putting up an amazing contest. I really thought USC would pull it off but for me the seeds of doubt were planted by Ohio State's easy win over Notre Dame ... if Texas beat Ohio State and Ohio State beat Notre Dame and Notre Dame almost beat USC ... USC defense was weaker than last year's team that beat Oklahoma and Texas this year had more team speed than Oklahoma last year and rightly the MVP, Vince Young is one of those rare players.


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