Monday, January 02, 2006

Sports: the three-pointer, the tactic of the mid-majors

If you are the Dukes, Michigan States, Floridas and Arizonas of the college baseketball world, you can recruit the tallest and fastest scorers though NBA raids of the high school ranks have made it a bit harder. But no doubt about it, the haves in college basketball are much better off than the have nots.

So, if you are a mid-major coach, what kind of players do you wind up getting?

I think maybe you wind up with the not so tall, not so fast scorers. In short, you wind up living and dying by the THREE point shot!

I suppose I'm stating the incredibly obvious. But I like to convince myself with some numbers.

If this hypothesis is true, than the key stat one could look at is three point shots ATTEMPTED.

These are the teams launching the most three point shots:
1. Troy
2. West Virginia
3. Appalachian St.
4. Syracuse
5. Montana State
5. Clemson
7. Sacramento State
8. Illinois
9. N.C. State
10. Air Force
11. Louisville
12. TCU
13. Wofford
14. Marquette
15. UT-Chattanooga
16. Davidson
16. Northern Iowa
18. New Hampshire
18. Butler
20. Campbell

How many of them are in the top 20 of the polls? How many are mid-majors? Is this data supportive of the hypothesis?


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