Sunday, December 18, 2005

Indy Colts the new St. Louis Rams?

Was waiting in the pizza place for lunch and saw the Chargers throw a bolt of lightening in the football world.

5 and 6 man rushes with man-to-man coverage and voila, the Indy Colts are now 13-1.

Okay, the Chargers were in a must-win situation and the Colts have secured home field advantage for the whole playoffs. But still they are professionals with pride who want to win and they looked beatable.

In post-game analysis on ESPN radio, they were saying, hmmm, the coronation of the Colts is off! They see the once left-for-dead New England Patriots as back in serious contention for the Super Bowl.

A handful of years ago, the St. Louis Rams were the greatest show on turf with an aerial game with their home games in a dome. Sounds like the Indy Colts?

In the end, the Rams got smacked around by the Pats in Super Bowl XXXVI.

Will the Pats avenge the regular season drubbing by ending the Colts caravan in the playoffs?

Meanwhile, in college basketball, after my Anteaters beat Stanford, they have gone 2-3. The team is now 4-4 with a couple of non-conference games before the Big West season begins.

In the NBA, the Clippers are still on top but the Lakers are turning things around. Most fans believe, the Clippers, a seemingly cursed team, will come back to reality and at some point in the season will be passed by the Lakers.

Across the way, the Dodgers are trying to rebuild the team with deals bringing in Furcal, Mueller and Nomar.


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