Monday, January 02, 2006

Sports: This or that, a look back

One thing about being a "pundit" on a blog is that one can go back and look at the predictions and laugh!

Last year, I made these forcasts about sports.

Angels or Yankees? I picked the Angels and was right.

Houston or St. Louis? I picked Houston and was right.

VaTech or Fl State? I picked Va Tech and was wrong.
In the head to head game Virginia Tech got beat but their overall record was better than Florida State.

Big 10 football or Big 12 football? WAIT and SEE!
The Big 10 as of this moment is 0-3 in bowl games but have 4 more games to go. The Big 12 is 4-2 with 2 more games to go.

Georgia or Alabama? I picked Alabama and was wrong.

Cincinnatti Bengals or Cincinnatti Bungles? WAIT and SEE!
They got to the playoffs so in that sense they have shed part of the Bungles label. But will they be one and done in the playoffs?

Washington Redskins or Dallas Cowboys? I picked the Cowboys and was wrong.

Angels or White Sox? I picked the Angels and was wrong.


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