Sunday, December 05, 2004

BCS Sunday - Cal Bears take a Holiday Instead of Roses

Hi Kari:

I know last year you were quite excited to see Kansas State hand Oklahoma their hat. And of course for that pasting, OU was rewarded anyway with the BCS Championship game in the Sugar Bowl.

Well, this time they took care of business.

Meanwhile, out west, I was watching on TV, the USC-UCLA game. UCLA was a 21-point underdog and many thought that was generous. Suffice to say, I was pleasantly surprised that the "gutty little Bruins" gave the #1 team some headaches.

I was watching the game with some friends one of whom is an SEC partisan so we jumped back and forth between ABC (UCLA-USC game) and CBS (Auburn-Tennessee). Auburn took care of business too but at times had trouble.

So there you have it, three undefeated teams from the power conferences and two BCS championship slots.

It was unlikely Auburn would be able to move up a slot and on Sunday they got sent to the Sugar Bowl to face V. Tech.

However, as a Pac10 partisan, I was interested to see what would happen between California and Texas.

Last year, it was USC that got bumped down to #3 into the Rose Bowl thus losing out on the official championship game. This year it was the Cal Bears that got bumped down to #5 out of the Rose Bowl into the Holiday Bowl.

I dunno Kari, us West Coasties are having our paranoia of East Coast/Mid-West bias against our teams fed some more by this latest slight.

Meanwhile, my beloved Bruins go to the Las Vegas Bowl against Wyoming.

Anyway, I suppose if V. Tech beats Auburn then the BCS bacon will be saved. I suppose there is a long shot scenario that the winner of the Orange could split the title with Auburn if the Tigers win big in the Sugar.

But all that aside, Go Bruins!



Blogger Kari said...

Blame Hurricane Ivan; if the Cal-Southern Miss game had taken place in September as originally scheduled, Cal would have been idle Saturday and would not have lost ground in the coaches' poll to Texas.

I can understand why some coaches might flip Texas and Cal in their heads, after seeing Cal struggle a little in its last game of the season against an unranked opponent (Southern Miss tied for third in Conference USA). The Longhorns' luck was to get their shaky wins in September and November, against major conference opponents (Arkansas and Kansas).

That said, the Kansas game, in particular, convinces me that the 'Horns are overrated. It took a questionable call to prevent an upset (and occasion this outburst from KU's Mark Mangino).

9:50 AM  

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