Saturday, September 11, 2004

(Cell Phone Blogging)K, it's top ...

(Cell Phone Blogging)K, it's top of the 5th la 1 st.L 0 solo hr by finley. R

UPDATE: So I tried the email posting today. I emailed in the above short report on the game using my Nokia phone I got for free when I switched to T-Mobile cell phone service giving up as a long-time ATT Wireless customer.

I'm told ATTWS is trying to deploy GSM technology and phase out its older TDMA network. This issue along with the merger with Cingular has apparently made an already weak service even more discourging to its users.

9/11 was remembered at Dodger's stadium with a recognition of Heros in a march of local law enforcement and military personnel. The crowd gave a standing ovation as they came onto the field in dress uniforms and formed a line in the outfield. A military honor guard brought in the US and California flags. The National Anthem was sung by a local female FBI agent. This was followed by three fire department copters dropping red, white and blue powder on the hillside near the stadium.

After this, an exciting ball game took place... it was a pitcher's duel for the first five innings. In the 6th, the Cards got runners at 2nd and 3rd with two outs and for some strange reason the Dodgers pitched to Edmonds who crushed the ball for a 3-run homer pushing the Cards to a 4-1 lead.

But the Dodgers weren't done. In the bottom of the 6th, in a strange sequence of events, two hit battters yielded one run making it 4-2.

In the bottom of the 7th, rookie Antonio Perez pinch hit for Weaver. He looked like a rookie flailing at the first two pitches. He settled down and took a few outside the strike zone and fouled off a few and then got hit (there were three hit batters in this game!) by the pitch. In yet another strange event, a hit and run play went awry (batter struck out) but the throw to 2nd got loose and Perez advanced to third. Finley singled him home, making it 4-3. Beltre singled. Green walked loading the bases. Bradley who has been slumping was demoted to batting sixth came up to bat and hit a hard smash that seemed quite playable. But somehow Renteria couldn't get it to second base fast enough for the force thus the game was tied 4-4!

Just when the Dodgers got back into the game, in the top of the eight, a first pitch double by Luna was followed by a sacrifice that moved him to third. Walker singled him home... and just like that the Dodgers were down again, 5-4. Then there was yet another strange play... Pujols singled and Walker advanced to third ... the Dodgers tossed the ball to Izturis at second and Walker was called out for missing the bag!

In the bottom of the eigth, still more strangeness... Ross the catcher who is batting below .200 but when he does connect has show lots of power ... bunted! A stunned third baseman charged for the ball but wasn't able to get there in time to throw out the slow moving Ross! Hernadez gets onboard on an error setting the stage for Izturis who singled them both in giving the Dodgers the winning margin, 6-5.

Gagne came in and retired the side on two grounders and a strike out. Dodgers win and the crowd goes wild!


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