Friday, August 27, 2004

Administrivia and Olympics

Hey Kari:

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Have you been following the Olympic Games much?

I've only been paying attention sporadically.

Today, the Iraqi soccer team fell short for the bronze medal. Their run has certainly been one of the top feel good stories. Meanwhile, one of the feel miserable story of the games has to be the flop of Team USA's mens basketball. It is a sad day when US fans are rooting against their own team or are completely indifferent to them. To be honest, they didn't inspire much sympathy or support with the way they played and behaved. The contrast couldn't be greater: NBA multi-millionaires going through the motions vs. Iraqis playing their hearts out for pride and country and love of the game overcoming the odds.

Who would you root for? Who would anyone root for?

Another downer story is the controversy over gymnastics judging. I found myself feeling like it was a bad cold: just go away! I have no idea how to solve the current mess they find themselves in.

But I don't want to end this post on a complaining note. Instead, I'll keep in mind that an Afghan woman got to participate in the games, the Iraqi soccer team got to be in the spotlight and will go home to a warm welcome unlike what past teams faced, look of surprise on the American woman who finished third in the marathon and warm feeling watching the Moroccan win the 1500M and how happy he was and how happy everyone else was.

Have a nice weekend,

P.S. What do you think of the "starchitect" of the Athens games: Santiago Calatrava?


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