Monday, August 09, 2004

Odds and Ends

Hello Kari:

As I type up this blog post, the radio is on as my Angels are making a comeback against your Royals. A wild pitch just got the tying run over in the top of the ninth, 3-3.

Opps, two runs just scored on a throwing error to the plate on an infield grounder, Angels lead 5-3.


Dodger fans let out a collective sigh as the report on Penny's injury is minor.

I was at the game on Sunday which the Dodgers lost, 4-1. It was HOT(!!!) so I'm glad I chose the 3rd base side of the upper reserve as that side is shaded.

I saw one guy with a sign saying, "Trade Depodesta." There may have been more.

Suffice to say, he is in the frying pan with fans as the other big player he got was Finley who promptly got hurt though he should return in the next game. Choi isn't likely to be an everyday first baseman so callers to post-game Dodger talk have been whining about that too. Mayne is a serviceable catcher but nothing like crowd favorite LoDuca. There is concern about the bullpen as Dreifort isn't as dominating as Mota and he has a recovering hip which limits him to one inning.

I'm a Dodger fan first but I do keep an eye on the Angels too. And as an honest sports fan though, I have to say the Angel's prospects are more favorable in the playoffs as they seem to have a little more offense punch. The Dodgers have padded their record beating up on the relatively weak NL West. However, I'm still hoping that they will make the playoffs and make some noise; afterall, I'm a true blue fan.

Here are the latest numbers with the Angel numbers first and Dodger numbers second:
Runs 562 vs. 506 
Hits  1115  vs. 1010 
Home Runs  103 vs. 133 
Doubles  195 vs. 163 
Triples  25 vs. 22 
RBI 534 vs. 486
Stolen Bases 101 vs. 77

Dodger pitching is stronger in the stats compared to the Angels but the starting rotation is in flux and the bullpen got weaker with the trades. It will be interesting to see if the ERA numbers change significantly (currently Dodger's 3.81 vs. Angel's 4.33) as the season goes on.


Umm, it's a final, Angels 5 Royals 3.

I guess you are looking forward to Chiefs and KSU football!?


Thanks for sharing about your town's adventure in downtown arena building. Keep us all posted.

Interestingly enough, a few months ago I was talking with a guy who works for Gehry and he was telling me that one of the big projects they are working on is the Brooklyn Atlantic Yards which will be the new home of the Nets as well as a massive mixed-use development.

Here is an image of a model of what that arena will look like.

(image source:
(large file! very slow for non-broadband readers)

Think the Kansas Citians will go for proposals from Gehry's firm?


In today's mail, I got my first medical bill from my SF episode. The CT scan has two parts to the bill: diagnosis, $780.40; amount $187.00.

Is this like "parts and labor" at the auto shop?

Anyway, I'll be making phone calls to my insurance company and the imaging medical group tomorrow morning.

Okay, that is about it for tonight.

Be well,


Blogger Kari said...

Except that, as I understand it, the Brooklyn arena plan has not been approved or even entered the public hearing stage, and is rather controversial. See also here. But it does look impressive, and not at all like the Bilbao!

8:14 AM  

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