Sunday, September 12, 2004

Audioblogging, part II

this is an audio post - click to play

UPDATE: Well, Kari, I tried to do a second audioblog right from my seat in Dodger's stadium! The little clip was from the bottom of the fifth when the Dodgers managed to tie up the game at 6-6. Alas, the Dodgers gave the lead back in the top of the sixth and after that neither team would score. Here is the Yahoo! Sports recap of the game.

Dodgers do face some issues with their number 4 and 5 pitching slots. Ishii, Nomo and Alvarez who have all been starters have all had trouble of late. Weaver, Perez and Lima remain solid. Ishii is having an MRI so his status is uncertain. Nomo was only hitting in the mid-80s with his fastball and got rocked pretty hard today. Alvarez has returned to the bullpen where he seems happiest but he maybe pressed into service again. Jackson pitched some relief today and may get a start. There is talk that Penny might be able to return in the final week or so for a start. Certainly, that would be a big boost to the banged up starting staff.



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