Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Baseball blogging: I want to believe!

Hello Kari:

I suppose someday I'd consider getting season tickets. But it is pretty hard to go to that many games. Last year was a high water mark for me when I attended six Dodger games. So far, this season, I've gone to three.

Today, I placed an order for the current promotional, the summer six-pack, where you can get tickets for selected games in certain sections for 50% off. The current package configuration gets me these games:

August 8 vs. Philadelphia Phillies
August 16 vs. Florida Marlins
August 22 vs. Atlanta Braves
September 7 vs. Arizona Diamondbacks
September 11 vs. St. Louis Cardinals
October 1 vs. San Francisco Giants

Unfortunately, it looks like I may not be able to go to each game but I think I know enough Dodger fans such that I could give or sell them off to them. And there is always the option of utilizing the Craig's List phenomena.

Dodger fans have been led down this path the last few years with some hope; but in the end, the team runs out of gas and falls short.

We are all hoping this year it will be different!

It was 1988, sixteen years ago, when the Dodgers last made a big splash. The fans are hungry and are hoping that lightening will strike again with a team that on paper doesn't look like it has what it takes to go all the way.

The hitting is perking up. The bullpen has been spectacular. The worry is the starting rotation which traditionally has been the strength of the team. Perez and Weaver have been having good outings but run support has been lacking sometimes. Ishii manages to win even if he doesn't have his best stuff. I am concerned though as he has been hit pretty hard the last few outings. Lima and Alvarez have had to spot start for injuries and have done way better than expected. But their aging arms could be a problem if they wind up having to be the starters the rest of the way. Nomo and Jackson are in rehab and it is unclear whether they will return and how solid they would be if they do.

Nevertheless, I want to believe.

Go Dodgers!



Blogger Kari said...

At least your boys in blue are giving you something to WANT to believe in. Even the desire to believe in the Royals this season faded away back in, oh, May.

We do have tickets for the September series when the Yankees visit, which I purchased preseason, but other than that I'll be lucky to be able to drag the Other Half out to a Buck Night (small soft drinks, peanuts, and hot dogs sell for $1 during those games).

I am enjoying the Cardinals' surprising success (not so much when they destroyed the Royals in a three-game I-70 series), and I'm standing with you in solidarity in the NL West. Go Dodgers!

3:10 PM  

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