Monday, January 12, 2004

Monday morning quarterbacking

Dear Kari:

I was with a friend taking a look-in on the St. Louis vs. Carolina game on Saturday. We talked about other NFL playoff games of interest to us and one of them was our rooting for the Chiefs in Sunday's game. However, I cautioned, I am worried about their defense. Who would have thought...

Anyway, the Dan Patrick Show on ESPN Radio has the following poll question:

Worst coaching decision of weekend?
(1) Vermeil not going for onside kick
(2) Martz opts for FG near end of regulation
(3) Sherman punts on fourth and 1
(4) Suggest your own... (not actually in ESPN poll question)

Fourth and 99, go for it,

P.S. I have to vote for Martz for the bad play calling of the weekend.


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