Thursday, January 08, 2004

Continuing Mars Coverage

Hey Kari:

Am guessing when Mars news is on the radio or tv, you perk up a little. So the following is probably not news to you. The Rover will be delaying its tour as it can't move off the platform just yet due to some bits of the air bag interfering with the ramps. The JPL team thinks the problem could be solved in a few days.

This NASA/JPL page has the latest photos. Do I hear you and the readers exclaim, "Don't tell me, show me!"

Image sourced from

Meanwhile, Robby remains on the scene and blogging it up. He touches on the AI programming for the Rovers and reports on how hard it is to get to Mars and the data flood. He finishes off with a very human aspect of the story by sharing about some of the brains of great beauty who are part of the team. With their stories all over the blogosphere, wonder how long will it be before they starting getting marriage proposals and date offers in their email boxes?



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