Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Just rambling

Hey Kari:

What did you make of the just concluded college football bowl season?

I confess to watching to the dismal end a rather pathetic UCLA team lose to Fresno State. You know it isn't a good night when the most exciting thing was watching the scrolling score of the Holiday Bowl at the bottom of the screen. It was nice to see Washington State defeat Texas. I know you just love Texas. Not.

The outcomes of the two bigger bowl games (Rose and Sugar) were not a surprise to me. USC was just too fast for Michigan and LSU's defense neutralized Oklahoma's offense. And to think the BCS rating system had OU so much ahead of LSU and USC. They turned out to be debatably and doubtfully the third best team in the USA. Congrats to LSU and SEC fans in our readership and to USC alums and let's hear a mighty roar for the Pac10 which went 4-2 in bowl games this past season.

We may not agree on much in college football but we do agree it is time to delete the BCS and its computers.
It is time to say the BCS was a nice try. It is time to go back to the old fashioned bowls with the human voters. So what if there are split national titles.

As you might guess, I'm checking out our space consultant Robby's web site for an insiders view of the Mars Rover story. He shares about some other blogs covering the story and corrects an inaccuracy in some of the news coverage.

For our Los Angeles readers, check out this directory of Los Angeles blogs. And for our Kansas city readers, check out this directory of Kansas City blogs.

You've probably noticed that some of the big blogs are written by lawyers? They are called BLAWGS. Har har. We all know InstaPundit who is the champion of linking to everything out there of news note. And because of my UCLA ties, I know of Volokh Conspiracy which is collaborative and has heavy doses of law mixed with some society and politics and Professor Bainbridge who is also heavy on law but has his share of wine tasting, navel gazing, politics and culture. They are either "Higher Beings" (InstaPundit), "Mortal Humans" (Volokh) or "Large Mammals" (Bainbridge) in the Ecosystem. In case anyone is interested, we are currently "Lowly Insects" but usually rate as "Crunchy Crustaceans."

Speaking of Blawgs, I sometimes visit Stay of Execution which is a diaristic blog with mostly personal matters mixed with some legal inside baseball. The post that got my attention was her description of the different types of blogs out there and why she prefers certain types.

I wonder how many blogs are of the 2blowhards format which we also practice?

Be well and be good,


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