Monday, November 24, 2003

Weekend Sports Round-up and a Recipe

Hi Kari,

First off, as a UCLA alum, I did watch for a little while. It was, unfortunately, like watching a hopeless high school football game where one side is bigger and faster than the other. It was symbolized in the opening drive where the famed ST-TNG phrase, "Resistance is futile" came to mind and culminated in the moment when the taller and bigger and faster USC wide receiver leaped over the top of the UCLA cornerback for a touchdown reception. Another moment was when UCLA finally scored by returning a blocked USC point after attempt for two points. When you can only score by bizarre plays, things are NOT looking good. For the full rundown of how USC might still NOT make the Sugar Bowl, check out this BCS analysis.

I'm awaiting UCLA men's basketball season. Alas, they aren't even forecasted to make the NCAA according to the Pac-10 poll. A sixth place finish would probably not be enough to get a NCAA bid unless the Pac-10 proves to be unusually strong this year. If UCLA pulls off a few stunners in some marquee games early in the season and any victories over Arizona or Stanford during the conference schedule could boost their resume. And, of course, Bruin faithful can always hope they will place better than sixth in the conference.

Michigan let Ohio State back into the game but eventually closed them out bursting the bubble of Buckeye fan fantasies of the Sugar Bowl dancing in their heads.

Meanwhile, your Kansas State team is showing itself to be probably the best three-loss team in the nation. What is the prediction of how they will fare against Oklahoma in their "home game" for the Big-12 title at Arrowhead?

Speaking of Arrowhead, what is up with the Chiefs? How did it come down to relying on ancient Andersen to get them over the last year's news Raiders? I haven't watched the Chiefs much this season. But I did see the MNF game when they barely beat the Oakland Raiders and I saw them last Sunday where they were the cardiac Chiefs over the Raiders. Couple those two games with a loss to the Cincy Bungles you got to wonder if the KC Chiefs won-loss record is deceptive? Are they trying to be the NFL version of the Ohio State Buckeyes by just barely beating people? I want to jump on the bandwagon as I have nobody to root for here in LA in the NFL!

Finally, here is the recipe for soy sauce honey marinated chicken.

I spent many years in grad school so simple and inexpensive cooking was something I learned to do pretty well.

On the night before, put 6 to 8 pieces of chicken in a baking dish. Chop up one bunch of green onions, chop up 3 to 5 little to medium sized pieces of ginger and mix these in with the chicken. Cover up baking dish and stick in refrigerator. Make marinade with 1 part soy sauce and 1 part honey. Mix it up in a separate container and put in the refrigerator.

The next morning, pour the marinade over the chicken.

In the evening, place the chicken with marinade into the oven at 350. As the mix bakes, periodically begin scooping out some of the marinade if there is too much. I happen to like the chicken swimming in the marinade for part of the baking process but eventually, I remove most of it. When done, enjoy chicken. The marinade in the baking dish is a nice gravy for rice or pasta.


P.S. HAPPY THANKSGIVING, Kari and dear gentle readers!!!


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