Thursday, November 13, 2003

Gagne closes out with the Cy Young

Hey Kari:

Take it you weren't too surprised that Gagne took the NL Cy Young award? On the AL side, with Loaiza and the ChiSox collapsing at the end of the season, Halladay winning the Cy Young was no surprise either.

Congrats must go to your KC Royals where Tony Pena took AL Manager of the Year honors along with Angel Berroa winning the AL Rookie of the Year.

Hope that next year, our two teams will give us lots to cheer for and a first ever Royals vs. Dodger MLB championship!

Go Blue,

UPDATE: Check this out for current awards handed out so far. So who wins AL and NL MVPs? For the NL, as much as I can't stand the SF Giants, I have to say Bonds gets the it. He gets them to the playoffs then the opposition takes his bat away with walks. In the AL, A-Rod was great as usual but Delgado put up some good numbers too and so Delgado walks off with the MVP this year. What do you think?

UPDATE: Hmmm... I decided to look at some stats, the more obvious ones anyway, and Bond's numbers are good. However, Pujols and Sheffield have good numbers too.

UPDATE: A-Rod wins AL-MVP. He got 242 points vs. Delgado who got 210. Tomorrow, the NL-MVP will be announced.

UPDATE: Bonds wins the NL-MVP easily beating out Pujols and Sheffield.


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