Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Kari for POTUS!

To: Kari
From: Rene
Re: Presidential exploratory committee

In a post a long time ago about space travel far far away.... (post entitled, "Manned space flight at what price?") I asked you what you would do about the space budget if you were President. In your comment reply you mentioned that you were born outside the USA and thus you might not qualify to be President even when you grow up.

Well, I decided to look into it and found this article.
Key excerpt:
All Presidents since and including Martin Van Buren were born in the United States subsequent to the Declaration of Independence. The only issue with regard to the qualifications set out in this clause, which appears to be susceptible of argument, is whether a child born abroad of American parents is ''a natural born citizen'' in the sense of the clause.
There is reason to believe, therefore, that the phrase includes persons who become citizens at birth by statute because of their status in being born abroad of American citizens. Whether the Supreme Court would decide the issue should it ever arise in a ''case or controversy'' as well as how it might decide it can only be speculated about.
It would appear that you might have a shot at the Oval Office afterall. Of course, we would have to assemble a good con law team to argue the case when the inevitable Constitutional challenge is lodged by your contenders in the primaries who seek to keep you off the ballot. I guess that would be the first order of business before you form a presidential bid exploratory committee. 8-)

P.S. This subject was on my mind because tonight is the West Wing season opener. For non-fans, last season's cliff hanger had the President's daughter kidnapped by terrorists and President Bartlett having to surrender the office under the provisions of the 25th Amendment. I don't watch much television beyond news and sports. I will confess though to being a West Wing fan. Sheen as Bartlett can be a bit preachy at times but I enjoy Spencer as Leo and Whitford as Josh. I guess if you push me some more, I'll confess to being an Alias fan as well. 8-)


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