Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Around the horn

Hey Kari:

Was listening to Mike & Mike of ESPNRadio this morning during drivetime. They were saying some people want to tinker with the MLB playoff system. Is there really serious talk about making changes again? Right now, it is working better than they could have dreamed of with hot divisional races in the AL and NL Central and AL and NL Wildcards. Don't fix it if it ain't broke I say!

Since you are a Kansas City based Cardinal (gasp) "fan", do you think Pujols can snatch the NL MVP from Bonds?

Has Halladay's resume now surpassed Loaiza's for the AL Cy Young? Or is there somebody else out there who has a shot?

Meanwhile in the NL Cy Young race, a fan told me though Ortiz has the most wins, his ERA is too high to be a serious Cy Young contender. Schmidt of the Giants has a great ERA as does Brown and Prior who are on teams still vying for a playoff spot and if they help pitch their respective teams into the post-season they could get some consideration.

But I think if the Dodgers sneak into the playoffs and Gange has a pivitol role in the games down the stretch run, he deserves serious consideration.

And lastly, what do you make of the MVP for the AL?

Hoping against reason for the Dodgers,


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