Saturday, September 13, 2003

Hyperactive blogger???

Dear Kari, my blogging buddy,

Well, we have been at it now for three weeks?

What do you think?

Bloggers are a funny lot and like to kid around a lot. Did you see this Andrew Sullivan post where he teases Glenn Reynold's the Insta-pundit.
INSTA-INSTA-INSTA-INSTA-PUNDIT: After over 32 separate entries and even more links in a single day over fourteen hours, Glenn Reynolds announces at 9.20 pm: "Sorry for the light blogging." I think that's a cry for help.
UPDATE: Between writing and posting this item, Glenn has added four more posts. Intervention, anyone?
Speaking of Instapundit, he claims blog children.

Conceptually, you mentioned to me that our blog is similar to 2blowhards' Michael and Friedrich. Wonder if they would link us as blog children?

Anyway, I'm in hyperactive blogger mode today and so what follows is a departure from our usual trading of 250-750 word essays. Perhaps, there is pitch here you want to drive into deep left field.



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