Thursday, August 16, 2007

Sports: Bonds at bat on video phone

Watch for the flashes as Barry Bonds is at bat!

I was at Dodger's Stadium to see the Giants play the Dodgers in the 2nd game of the series. LAPD was out in force and the Dodger blue security guys were quick to kick out unruly fans! Anyway, Bonds flied out, grounded out, flied out (a very dramatic catch by the CF Juan Pierre that had the crowd going crazy!) and his fourth a bat was an intentional walk. Dodgers were down 4-2 when I left and while walking to the car, the crowd went crazy as Gonzo drove in the tying 2 runs and then Garciaparra hit a two-run homer to get the lead. Saito closed it out for a 6-4 Dodger win!!!!

Opportunities to cheer for the Dodgers have been few and far between since. 8-(



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