Thursday, March 01, 2007

Sports: Rip 'Em Eaters Zot Zot Zot

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No, it isn't the Luxor hotel in Las Vegas. It is the Walter Pyramid, the sports arena in Long Beach.

I'm using the internet (streaming audio via KUCI 88.9FM) to keep track of UC Irvine vs. Long Beach State!

Long Beach State has clinched the regular season title for the Big West so they have a ticket to the NIT but their dreams are larger.

I'll be curious to see if the coach plays more of his backups to give their stars some rest.
UPDATE: Nope, Aaron Nixon is lighting it up. Long Beach is up 7 with 2 minutes to go.
UPDATE: UCI hits the 3 to cut the lead to three. Long Beach has the ball with just 35 seconds left.
UPDATE: UCI presses the inbound pass but they get it in and UCI fouls. LBSU gets both free throws and UCI turns it over taking it into the front court. That might be all she wrote. UCI fouls and sends LBSU to the line with a 5 point lead.
UPDATE: Its a final... LBSU 85 UCI 80.

The Anteater's goal is to improve so they can pull off the inside straight of winning 4 games in the conference tourney to get their first NCAA ticket. They would also like win so they can finish 5th in the Big West so they can face the hapless #8 seed UC Riverside.

Meanwhile, I'll also check the radio to see how UCLA is faring against WSU.
UPDATE: It is nervous time ... UCLA 49 WSU 45 with 2:27 left!
UPDATE: 1:30, UCLA running down the clock... they don't get a good shot with the shot clock gone ... Ick!
UPDATE: WSU shoot and miss. WSU has to foul. Shipp to the line in the 1 and 1.
UPDATE: Shipp gets them both, UCLA 51 WSU 45, 28 seconds left.
UPDATE: Shipp fouled again. UCLA 53 WSU 45, 13 seconds left.
UPDATE: WSU missed and UCLA rebounds and WSU opts not to foul.
Its a final UCLA 53 WSU 45.
UCLA is the Pac10 regular season champs!!



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