Friday, February 02, 2007

Money: Bulls on Wall Street say, "Go Bears!"

I clipped this item from Yahoo! Finance:
For subscribers of theories about the stock market, one of the more interesting ones is the Super Bowl stock indicator.

Albeit purely coincidental, it has accurately predicted a bull market 80% of the time, at least when a team from the NFC emerges victorious. If an AFC team wins, the theory is right about half the time, so that's a push. However, this year presents an interesting win-win situation for the bulls since the theory also cites a victory by an original, pre-1970 merger NFL team (i.e. the Colts) as bullish for stocks. Go Bears!
My forecast Colts 23 Bears 21, thus I'm taking the under as it is 48 and for the Bears to beat the point-spread which has the Colts favored by 7.

UPDATE: It is Indy 16 Bears 14 at the half. Who would have guessed there would be 5 fumbles, 1 interception, a muffed extra-point attempt and a missed field goal by Vinatieri and it is *only* the first half! Indy has 257 total yards compared to Chicago's 95. The Bears have to be happy to be down only two. The Colts will receive the kickoff in the 2nd half and if the Bears force them into a punt, you have to like the Bears chances to win this game. It would be ironic if in the end, the Colts win because of their defense? Looking forward to an interesting second half. I have a feeling this thing could come down to the final possession!

UPDATE: Congrats to the Colts, Coach Dungy, Peyton Manning and the whole team for their 29-17 victory over the Bears.

Some key stats and moments:

7 minutes 26 seconds - the length of the Colts opening drive in the second half. Even though it only yielded 3 points, it increased the Colt's confidence and probably began to gnaw at the Bear's confidence.

22-17, the score when Chicago still had a chance at the beginning of the 4th quarter. But the Colts read the Bears pass play perfectly and the INT yielded a TD making it 29-17 and thus essentially ending the Bears hopes.

430 versus 265 total yards - it was the Colt defense that was the story.

191 versus 111 rushing yards - it was the Colts running game that was the story.



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