Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Sports: Its that time of year - March Madness TTC pick'em contest

Dear Two Tin Can Readers:

Okay, I've created a TwoTinCans Yahoo! Pick'em group contest.

Group ID# 107781
Password: ttc2007

This year's contest with Yahoo! gives you the option of participating to win prizes from HP (including $1,000,000 grand prize) in exchange for your contact information (of course). As an incentive for TTC readers, winner of our group contest wins a small token item from Rene's prize drawer ... woo-hoo!? Don't worry, it won't be a lump of coal?!

As a UCLA alum, I'm picking them to win the whole thing. But when I put on my hard headed analyst hat, I don't think they will win. Florida and Ohio State are looking awfully good right now and UCLA can self-destruct at any moment.

In any case, please feel free to join this group contest and enjoy the next 3 weeks of college basektball along with other TTC readers and all the other group contests you are joining!


UPDATE: Taking a closer look ... the East looks like a monster with (1) UNC (2) GTown (3) Washington State (4) Texas (5) USC. That has to be the strongest 1-5 of any region.

With my West coast bias, I have to go to the South regional and pick (12) Long Beach to beat (5) Tennessee in the annual 5/12 upset. The 49ers can jack up the threes like crazy and so if they get hot, an upset is alway possible.

In the West you got to wonder if the NCAA selection committee wanted the story lines of Ben Howland's UCLA playing the college he played ball at in Weber State. Additionally, if they win that game they could face in the 2nd round (10) Gonzaga which provided one of the most frantic finishes last year. And if UCLA survives that they might meet Pittsburgh in the regional semis which is a team Howland coached before going to UCLA and where Howland's friend and former assistant now is the head coach.

Florida being the #1 seed overall has the easiest path in the Midwestern region. Does anybody really think anybody in this group is going to stop them? Ironically, if I had to pick one team to pull off the upset of the millenium, it would have to be (8) Arizona. If Arizona can get their mind on the game and give 40 minutes they have the right mix of athletes to give Florida a real game. But they have been so inconsistent there is no certainty they will even win their first game against (9) Purdue. In any case, right now the money has to be on Florida.

UPDATE: Dohn reports Collison sprained an ankle in practice today. He is listed as probable for Thursday's game. DRATS!!!!



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