Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Sports: LA vs. LA???

There are certain franchises that have a history of futility. I don't know which is worse for fans: getting close to the championship like being a Red Sox fan prior to the lifting of the curse or a current Cubs fan or being a Clippers fan prior to last night who watch their team flounder not making the playoffs or exiting in the first round?

The Clippers have seized their spot in the 2nd round of the NBA playoffs with an easy 101-83 win over Denver.

The spirit squad of the Clippers would take the floor and over the PA, the announcer would say, Clipper fans, we are 12 minutes away from the Conference semifinals, let's make some noise! And of course, at each time out during the fourth quarter, the countdown continued, Clipper fans, did you know it was 30 years ago that the Clippers then known as the Buffalo Braves last went to the 2nd round of the NBA playoffs? We are now TWO minutes away, let's make some noise!!

The game was fairly close initially though the Clippers did go into the half with a 46-40 lead. Denver rallied at the beginning of the third quarter and at one point got to within one point at 55-54. But then the floodgates opened and the Nuggets melted down on offense and defense as the Clippers tagged them with a 20-3 run.

Some in the ebullient crowd started saying, bring on the Lakers!

LA sports fans now await tonight's Suns vs. Lakers game. If the Lakers win, then it will be an LA vs. LA round two smack down at Staples Center which sports talk fans are planning to call the downtown showdown or hallway series.


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