Thursday, May 25, 2006

Culture: 24 crosses the finish line

Will season 6 pick up the story where we have left off?

I don't think they have ever done so. We will probably be given some exposition early next season to explain how Jack gets out of the slow boat to China.

BTW, for fans of the show, do you all think it was Logan who tipped off the Chinese spies as to where to get Jack?

I started following 24 during season 4.

I saw most of the episodes for season 1-3 on DVD.

Anyway, season 5 just finished and it was a brisk finish.

The frantic pace of the earlier episodes this season was impossible to sustain and the show lagged in energy level toward the end. But the finish ramped up the excitement level once again.

On a television "political reality check" front, I wonder how Logan will be handled in the off season. It is entirely possible that there isn't enough actual evidence to prosecute Logan. However, the public release of the tape, testimony of various people and disclosure of circumstantial evidence would be enough to be destroy Logan politically. Will that be enough leverage to get him to roll on his co-conspirators?

Anyway, will be very curious to see what the writers come up with for Day Six.


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