Monday, October 10, 2005

Game 5 @ 5 and This or That

As a Los Angeles Dodger fan, I'm definitely okay about rooting for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim against the New York Yankees in GAME 5!!!

Go Angels!!

So let's do a little "this or that."

Angels or Yankees?

Houston or St. Louis?

VaTech or Fl State?

Big 10 football or Big 12 football?

Georgia or Alabama?

Cincinnatti Bengals or Cincinnatti Bungles?

Washington Redskins or Dallas Cowboys?

To see my answers, click on the comments.

UPDATE: Angels Win!

Angels or White Sox?

Of course, the Angels!


Blogger Rene said...

Angels, of course!

Houston, 18 innings? Wow!

VaTech, go Hokies!

Big 12, Penn State (nice story) but them at the top of the Big 10?

Alabama, roll Tide!

Bengals, it is their time to come in from the cold and make some noise.


5:30 PM  

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