Saturday, November 12, 2005

The just barely enough defense Bruins

UCLA 45 ASU 35.

The Bruins advance to 9-1 for a showdown with U$C on December 3!

As a Bruin alum, I have to acknowledge that the chances for victory on December 3 are somewhere between slim and none.

USC's defense has been criticized but today they gave up only 10 points to the Cal Bears of which 7 points were in the final moments of long decided game. This Cal team scored 40 against UCLA!

UCLA's only chance is to play enough defense (a USC turnover or two would help!) so they don't get blown out from the gate and hope the offense can outscore USC.

I can imagine (dream of wishfully!) a long shot UCLA winning a 35-31 game. But any other scoring scenario has USC winning going away and sending the 2nd team out to finish up the game.

Without any surprises, it looks to be Texas vs. USC for the BCS championship. At this moment, I don't think anyone can dispute that that would be the "right" game.

A 9-2 UCLA will wind up in the Holiday Bowl or the Sun Bowl. Hmmm... wonder if I'd be willing to travel to see a game at either locale?

And what if ... a 10-1 UCLA?


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