Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Could this photo hang in a modern art museum?

I like some modern art but I confess a certain amount of it falls into the "what is it?" category.

Since art images are often copyrighted, I'll not pipe the image here. But I'll provide the link. What is it?

Perhaps if the artist were there to talk to the audience, I'd get it. But by itself ... well, to be honest, it looks like a pile of junk arranged to be displayed in a museum.

Some of it falls into the "I could have done that" category.

Could you or your child do this? Looks like a pile of dirt to me. I suppose adding the mirrors makes it something you or your child would not have done. But does that make it art?

And then there are some in the "I want to shock you just to shock you" category.

I'll skip providing an example as this is a family friendly blog.

I'm not one of those "snobs" who dislikes all modern art.

I think there is a measure skill and creativity and humor in something like this.

A web image doesn't do justice for this item. It is huge and the subtle colors evoke a reaction within the viewer.


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