Thursday, September 22, 2005

Would you have watched?

I have flown Jet Blue. They run a fleet of new AirBus planes and each seat has Direct TV.

The passengers in yesterday's dramatic landing were able to watch the coverage of their story!

If I was on the plane, I don't know how much would I have watched. I suppose being the info hound that I am, I'd watch at least some. I'd probably want to see which cable channel would contact an AirBus engineer who would talk about what the plane can withstand and the likely scenarios.

In local coverage here, one station got a former pilot on and he spoke confidently about pilot training and how tough passenger planes are. He felt everything should work out fine and indeed he was right.

On a tangential note, I have flown Jet Blue out of Long Beach Airport. If you want to feel like you have stepped back in time, see the Long Beach Airport Terminal for yourself as it is small and quaint.


Blogger Blunderford said...

Would I have watched? How could you NOT watch?

I've always wondered how the people in the planes felt on 9/11 and how those people felt yesterday -- it has to be out-of-your-mind fear mixed with just the slightest bit of hope even though you know there is no hope. Luckily yesterday's passengers got their hope fulfilled.

1:42 PM  

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