Tuesday, November 02, 2004

100% Politics Free ... er sort of ...

Hey Kari:

Does BCS discussions constitute a form of politics? They do after all have POLLS!

So what is the Big-12 NCAA Football situation looking like this year?

Being out West, all the buzz is on a USC vs. Oklahoma showdown for the BCS championship. Anybody out there in Big-12-land that can derail the Sooner's land grabbing the BCS title game?

USC has beaten up on everybody in sight so far and baring a bizarre collapse look to run the table and finish undefeated. As a UCLA fan, I will, of course, root for my team to be the giant killer in 3 weeks but as a realistic sports fan I have to be honest and say it is unlikely.

Speaking of UCLA, they actually played defense last week though shuting out the hapless Stanford Cardinal in the friendly confines the Rose Bowl may not be considered a major accomplishment. But considering UCLA's track record, fans were pleasantly surprised.

One more win and my team is bowl eligible. And if they can get to 7-4, their profile rises.

UPDATE: Of course when I start having hope for this team, they promptly went out there and LOST.

Switching back to the BCS, I see in the paper today that the Cal Bears are number four! What would happen if Oklahoma and Auburn stub their toe somewhere and the Bears win out? Is it possible that USC and Cal will play for the BCS championship???

Dear SEC, Big-12 and Big-10 partisan readers, what do you think of that scenario?

Okay, just thought I'd toss that hypothetical out there to muddy the waters.

Take care and be well,

P.S. As quoted in West Wing: "No matter who you vote for, be sure to go out and vote today."


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