Wednesday, September 29, 2004


Hi-De-Ho Rene.

While your boys in blue are fighting for the pennant, my boys in blue tied the franchise record for losses last night (a nice, even 100) and still have five games left to write their names in the record books.

What hopes we had, you and I, back in the spring! My forecasting was not so very horrible back then, except that I underestimated the Cardinals' pitching staff and thought too highly of the Padres, particularly in comparison to the Dodgers. Then there's that whole "Royals winning the division" thing, which now -- not so much. At least I hedged and picked the Twins as likely alternatives. Then there was my unfilled wish for the Braves. Yeesh.

But that's why they play the games. And, even when painful, that's why baseball is interesting to follow from season to season. Here's hoping the Dodgers finish the season in style, and the Royals regroup for another turnaround season in '05.



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