Thursday, October 09, 2003

Great Sports Moments

Hey KSU apologist Kari:

The question of the day: share a memory of a exciting moment in sports you saw in person or on tv.

I'll share one that isn't so much a historic moment in sports (I can say I did see on live TV the famed Gibson homer in 1988). But rather, I'll share a moment from a sports rivalry and thus tweak you about your divided loyalties between KSU and KU.

My story of course is a UCLA vs. USC contest. UCLA won that day 20-19 in football. The rivalry is an intense one because the two universities are not only in the same state, they are in the same city. Traditionally, USC has dominated in football and UCLA in basketball. However, there have been periods where the roles were reversed. Currently, USC football is on the rise and both programs are facing hard times in basketball.

My credentials as a UCLA fan: I went there for my undergraduate degree in biochemistry. I almost never root for USC. Probably the only time I have rooted for them is when them winning helped UCLA in some tie-break scenario. Otherwise as the saying goes: my two favorite teams are UCLA and anybody playing USC.

Please note, I have some friends who are USC alums and I'll say here publicly, love you, mean it; but I can't stand your football and basketball team. So are my credentials in order?

Anyway, back to the game. I had in the stratosphere end-zone seats. Most of the game seemingly was played at the other end of the Rose Bowl. As the fourth quarter was winding down, the Bruins held the lead 20-13 when they had to punt. USC started to drive down the field to our end. The fans were screaming like crazy and a feeling of dread hung over us. For Bruin fans there had been too many last minute bungles by the Bruins or heroics by the Trojans leaving Bruin fans in heartbreak hotel. As the clock expired, USC scored the touchdown right in front of us in our endzone making it 20-19.

They opted for the 2-point conversion. One timeout was called and the respective teams huddled around the coaches. Then a second timeout was called. Then finally, the final play of the game with no time on the clock. It was high drama as they got up to the line. The ball is snapped. The Trojan QB drops back and ... SACKED!

BRUINS WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The crowd goes wild.

Go Bruins!


P.S. KSU is 4-2 right now with 7 games to go. My Bruins are 3-2 with 7 games to go. Comparing wins might not be fair since your team has 1 extra game. But let's look at the loss column. How many losses will KSU have at the end of the season? Two, three.... four????? Hmmm...... If I'm really optimistic, my Bruins will go undefeated the rest of the way. I'm not that optimistic! However, I'm thinking my Bruins might hold their own with KSU in the loss column and maybe even edge your team out. What do you think?


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