Friday, October 03, 2003

Tell me about Elia Kazan's movies

Guten Tag Fraulein Kari:

Have a wonderful weekend of cultural experiences! Look forward to your blogging about them.

A quick note to send you and our readers off for the weekend. Earlier this week, controversial film maker Elia Kazan died. I read about it in the LA Times and in the NY Times here and here.

I'm not nearly the film buff you and some of our readers are. From the articles, I now know a little bit more about his life and times. From the filmography in those reports, I find I have only seen one of his films, East of Eden. I'd be curious to get your views on his films.

I found East of Eden riveting. James Dean as the troubled son evoked a mixture of sympathy and fear in me as I watched his performance. The story line is a set piece straight out of the Biblical Cain and Abel story with a few twists thrown in. I'd have to say I'd recommend the film to any men's group that is taking seriously the responsibilities of fatherhood and wrestling with having grown up with dysfunctional families.

Tangentially, I'd like to pose a variant of the 5 movies in a bag game. This time, I'm looking for movies driven by male characters and dialog. It is cliche to bash "chick flicks." Many are probably quite forgettable. I generally avoid them. But I did like Spitfire Grill. But back on point: can you name five good movies centered around strong male characters and dialog but are not in the action buddy movie genre embodied by the Lethal Weapon series.

To be honest, I don't think I can think of five. Perhaps you or our movie-phile readers could.

Gute Reise!



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