Saturday, September 13, 2003

LA Scene: Dodger Stadium

(third in a series of occasional posts on what is going on in LA)

Baseball Superfan Kari:

Its been a long time for Dodger fans (1988 was the last World Series appearance and victory) and once again hope is triumphing over reason as fans flock to Dodger's stadium (this fan is going Sunday) to root for Dodger Blue. It's been a long time for Royal fans too?

Here is a link to see the history of the famed stadium which I guess is the fourth oldest active venue behind Yankee's Stadium, Fenway Park and Wrigley Field? If I'm not mistaken your Kaufmann Field is up getting up there in age as well though not quite as old at Dodger's Stadium. From photos the shape of Kaufmann and Dodger's stadium are similar suggesting design in comparable eras?

From the site I mentioned above there is this little tidbit about grass. I didn't know grass was so high tech!
The Dodgers installed a brand new state-of-the-art grass field after the conclusion of the 1995 season for the first time since the stadium opened in 1962. Prescription Athletic Turf (PAT), created and installed by the Cincinnati-based Motz Group, used the latest agronomic and engineering technology to manage field moisture through controlled drainage and irrigation. The 100,000 square feet of bermuda grass is grown on pure sand, beneath which a vacuum chamber is laid over a water-tight plastic barrier that forcibly extracts water during heavy rains. New moisture gauges monitor the field's water level in coordination with a microprocessor that controls drainage functions. A computer controller has the ability to reverse the scenario and subirrigate when the sand's moisture reading drops below the optimal level.
To see pictures of various ballparks go check out Digitalballparks. To see Dodger specific photos go here.

There are 16 games to go for the Dodgers of which 7 are against the Giants, 3 against Arizona and 6 against the Padres. Thus, things don't look promising. Tickets for the NLDS go on sale today. The Dodgers get the cash and park it somewhere and collect interest until they have to refund the money when the Dodgers don't make the playoffs! Okay, I can hear you say, oh, ye of little faith!

So, Kari, are the Royals selling ALDS tickets? And have you bought them, hmmm? 8-)

I think if the Dodgers close to within 1 game I may order some.


UPDATE: Dodgers win 5-2 against the Padres on Sunday and Braves beat the Marlins. Dodgers are now 2 1/2 games out!


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