Monday, September 12, 2005

Southern California Sports Report & Rooting for the Giants Tonight

Dodgers defeat the Roxs 7-0. Am now rooting that the Giants hold off the Padres!

Giants lead 4-3 in the bottom on the eighth as of 9:49 PM (PDT).

Its a final, Giants win 4-3. Dodgers down by FIVE games.

Are they really going to catch up?

Probably not. But as fan I can't help but hold out hope!

Meanwhile, the other team with a claim to LA ... the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim ... they insist on making the AL West race interesting by losing to the bottom dwelling Mariners.

I'll be going to my first Angel game this Friday night. I'll take Amtrak down rather than negotiate the parking lot that is Southern California Freeways on a Friday night.

Meanwhile in Southern Division California League play (Class A minor league), the Lake Elsinore Storm is on the verge of eliminating the Lancaster Jethawks by beating them three straight.

In the Northern Division, the San Jose Giants lead the series 2-0 over the Modesto Nuts.

In the most surprising development, UCLA is *favored(???)* over Oklahoma!


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