Thursday, April 15, 2004

Spring Break - Part III, Bern and Thun

Hi Kari:

Okay, back to the road trip in Switzerland...

Saturday 20 March 2004

Thursday was spent on airplanes. We got to Geneva and hit the ground running on Friday morning. Thus, we slept in Saturday. We eventually did wake up for a late morning brunch. However, before that, I had to dash out onto the street to feed the parking meter! So I grabbed my digital camera to catch a bit of Bern in the morning.

Here is the clock tower, the Zytgloggeturm, at the innermost gate of the old city that dates back to the 12-13th centuries.

Looking down the other way you can see the cobblestone street and old city facades of the Kramgasse.

After brunch, we made it out to the Saturday street market where there were these olives!

For our afternoon drive, we went to south to Thun where there is an amazing lake!

On clear days, one can see the Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau mountain peaks. But for today, we had to take Michele's word for it that they are there behind the clouds.

Map from which I found in

Travel tips:

* Switzerland overview from Frommers
* Bern information from Frommers

More to come...


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