Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Werth it: Dodgers 2 Giants 1

Hello Kari:

If your team gets only 4 hits and suffers 9 strikeouts and looks pathetic flailing away at breaking balls and change ups you wonder how you can win?

Amazingly, the Dodgers won bringing them to 2 1/2 games back.

See the box score for the stats.

Manager Jim Tracy is a big believer in sending out right handed bats against left-handed pitchers and visa versa. Since the Giants trotted out Lowry, a lefty from the bullpen, for a spot start, Tracy countered with a slew of righties in the line up which included three bench players. Stars and bench players were looking mighty foolish out in front of pitches and swinging at stuff off that broke off the plate. But Weaver pitched well and though he gave up hits he didn't give up a bunch of them at the same time.

Two double plays by the Dodger infield erased Giant threats to the delight of the 51,113 fans. Well, actually not all of them were happy at the double plays as there were pockets of Giant fans identifiable by there jerseys and counter chants against the Dodgers when the organist was trying to fire up Dodger fans. A handful of these Giant fans had their "Walker" rubber chickens. Bonds had 4 at-bats and 4 walks, 2 intentional and 2 unintentionally intentional so the Walker's were waved vigorously.

But baseball is like life... a surprise can arise in a moment... and when we heard that glorious crack of the bat most of the stadium rose as one ... hoping ... Werth hit a solo homer in the 5th to the deepest part of center field to tie the game.

Then, in the dramatic bottom of the eighth, Werth got a single to open the inning against Brower who relieved Lowry who had a dominating performance. Cora pinch hit for Hernandez and dragged a perfect bunt down toward 1st base to advance Werth. Grabowski pinch hit for Mota but the Giants changed pitchers so Tracy countered with Ross who was walked. Izturis was safe on a fielder's choice leaving Werth at third. Lo Duca slapped a hit to left field and Werth scored the go ahead run which turned out to be the winning run.

Gagne came in for the 9th and it was game over and got his 19th save.


Go Dodgers!


P.S. I was debating whether or not to post a photo of me with one of the Dodger Blue Wigs they were giving out to all in attendance. I could post it should you or our readership clamour for it as an aid to dieting, i.e. after you see the photo you will not want to have any food of any kind! 8-)

UPDATE: Why is this blogger wearing a blue-wig? Well, the Dodgers took 2 of 3 from the Giants! Woo hoo! And besides, aiding in the dieting of Americans is probably a good cause, you think?


Blogger Kari said...

Yes! Yes! We must see the Dodger wig!

2:04 PM  
Blogger Kari said...

Oh, you nutty Dodger fans...

(Secretly thinking: Man, I wish the Royals would give away blue wigs. Then none of us could be recognized in the stands...)

2:10 PM  

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