Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Dodgers 7 Cubs 3

Hello Kari:

Parking, $10 parking. Tickets, $10. Hot dog, diet cola and bag of peanuts, $16.50. Dodger victory, priceless.

As much as LA fans like to see Gagne pitch, it was nice to see them win a game where he doesn't have to make an appearance.

Jeff Weaver showed good stuff with 8 solid innings mixing a low 90s fastball with his breaking pitches. In his early outings, he would have one bad inning which put the Dodgers in the hole. In his more recent starts, he has pitched well but the Dodger bats were asleep. But this time, it was the Dodgers who jumped to an early lead.

Chicago fireballer Kerry Wood's stuff was uncharacteristically in the low 90s and the Dodgers did the damage as Woods gave up a solo shot to Beltre and then a two-run homer to Jason Grabowski in the bottom of the second. Wood didn't return for the bottom of the third as he had a muscle strain.

The Dodgers added two more in the fourth and one more in the fifth.

Weaver passed the 100 pitch mark in the eighth inning so Sanchez was called into mop up the top of the ninth. The Cubs jumped on his first two pitches; one for a single and then a double to drive in one run. Then Sanchez struck out the next two and fouled out the final batter preserving the win. For the full box score, go here.

Can the Dodgers keep this up through the dog days of summer and into the fall? GO Dodgers!!


P.S. Meanwhile, down the freeway, the Angels are doing pretty good too! I'll be sure to blog about an Angel game I'll attend at some point!

Thursday, May 06, 2004

Traveling at Internet Speed

Dear Kari:

With the blogosphere, news stories that might ordinarily rise and fall with hardly a ripple can get a wide viewing. To be honest, I had not even heard of Ted Rall until the controversial cartoon was widely linked to in the blogosphere and widely and properly criticized. When I clicked the link and saw what he drew, I just shook my head wondering: where is your basic decency and humanity?

This matter of human decency leads me to the link I want to share with you and our readers here in the Cincinnati Enquirer which has been linked by blog biggies Drudge and Andrew Sullivan.

As of now, 22 blogs in the Technorati scan have cited the article. I wonder how many will link to the story by the end of the day?

Image source: http://www.enquirer.com/editions/2004/05/06/hug.jpg


UPDATE: As of Friday, 1:23 PM, 316 blogs linked to the article.

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

The Best and Worst We Can Be

Hi-De-Ho Rene,

Know you've posted on your own blog about Pat Tillman and some of the weird reactions floating around. Thought the following contrast was amazing.

At MSNBC, Ted Rall posted an incredibly insensitive cartoon about Tillman. I link to it only to demonstrate how mindless some lefties can be when they're trying to prove themselves smart. MSNBC pulled it.

Conversely, the coverage of Tillman's memorial service was moving. Tillman was the embodiment of the best we can be as Americans. I don't understand how even ardent opponents of the war could be callous about a man like him. Being too young to remember anything about Vietnam, I didn't understand how war protestors could have taken out their anger on returning servicemen. It seemed inconceivable. But the reaction of Rall and some other antiwar crusaders (as described here) to Tillman's death serves as a reminder of the worst we can be.